Wall floral Key holder and Letter rack Fior di loto

This key holder has five small hooks and, as a letter rack, a 5 cm space for your letters. It’s decorated with floral elements which are typical of the Fior di loto line.

Dimension: 28x5Px24H
Material: iron


The Fior di loto line includes the new wall floral key holder and letter rack.

Its sides are open like the magazine rack Fior di loto, and the floral decorations are both in the front and in the background. Available in three colors (mud, ivory and red), this product has got five small hooks and a 5 cm space. For these reasons this object can conduct its functions and be the perfect wall floral key holder and letter rack.

Arti e Mestieri takes advantage of its italian production to take care of the usefulness of this Fior di loto product, but also its appearance.


Ivory, Mud, Red

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