Wall floral hook rack Fior di loto

This wall hook rack belongs to the elegant Fior di loto line. It has four white equidistant hooks. Available in three colors.

Dimension: 77x26H
Material: iron


The new Fior di loto line introduces itself also in the form of a wall floral hook rack!

It developes in a horizontal orientation and it consists of four equidistant hooks (always white) where to hang all of your garments. The second hook is exactly in the centre of one of the flowers. Its design color can be chosen between avory, mud and red.

The Fior di loto is a polished and handy line, as the photo frame and the magazine rack have shown. Similarly to the other articles of the line, this wall floral hook rack is the typical Arti e Mestieri’s italian production result.



New Arrivals

Ivory, Mud, Red

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