Wall clock with thin lines Voyager

Wall clock with a clock face surrounded by numbers and thin lines. Available in three colors, extremely versatile.

Dimension: diam 70
Material: iron


The Voyager design is news among the Arti e Mestieri’s catalogue. It’s a wall clock with thin lines, the same lines that conquered your heart with the wall clocks Teodoro and Nudo, but not the same.

The two concentric circumference are a lot more close to each other, but more distant from the clock face. In this case, it is surrounded by all the figures that a wall clock needs. Its simple but sophisticated design makes it versatile together with the range of colors. It is available in black, marble white and bronze, making it impossible for it not to fit on your walls!

Your bedroom, your living room or your office will host this wall clock with thin lines without problems!

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