Wall clock with spirals Rococò

Elegant wall clock decorated with many spirals. The roman numerals are thing but big, easy to read. Available in three colors.

Dimension: Diam. 70
Material: iron


The new arrivals in the Spring 2020 collection are numerous: they include lines, designs and entire product categories. In this long list also appears Rococò, the wall clock with spirals that can be hung wherever you want!

While full of those framed curls, this article boasts of an elegant and vaguely classic simplicity. There are three versions: the bronze one, the white marble one and the mud one from the Spring 2021 collection. All of them can be described as done above. Between the decorations that stand out the most and a small clock face there is an additional “band” in which the thin Roman numerals are shown.

The Rococo wall clock with spirals is perfect for your home, but also for your office. A professional environment would benefit for sure! Due to the presence of those characteristic curls, it can be associated with the Albero della Vita line.


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White marble, Bronze, Mud

New Arrivals

Spring 2020

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