Wall clock with overlapping numbers Profile

Orologio con cifre di grandi dimensioni di stile duplice adatto a tutti gli ambienti. Quadrante piccolo e chiaro. Disponibile in tre combinazioni di colore.

Dimensione: 65x85H
Materiale: ferro


Among the Autumn 2020 new arrivals there’s Profile, the wall clock with overlapping numbers you were looking for!

Three combinations of color are available, and they can fit in any interior! It doesn’t matter if you chose soft or contrasted colors for your home, this article will enrich any atmosphere you offer it. The figures have two colors: some are full of it, others are just outlined. They push to get your attention without creating chaos. That is why you can easily know what time is! This product is as clear as the wall clocks Planetarium or Miro are.

The clock face, small and minimal, is just one of the reasons why this wall clock with overlapping numbers Profile is so versatile.

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