Wall clock with big numbers to hang Big Babol

Modern and dynamic wall clock. The bubbles are in mirrored steel and cointain some numbers. Available in three colors.

Dimension: diam. 59
Material: iron


There is a perfect item for those who want to make sure they can see the time from any distance: the Big Babol Wall clock with big numbers to hang.

Any wall will receive an incredible extra design touch. The name can be traced back to the choice of decorating it with spheres, or rather bubbles. Each of them is in mirrored steel and contains a number, while the slight difference in level of the product and the figures adds dynamism. They all stick out from the clock face on one side and the appearing shadows increase the three-dimensionality. Kind of like butterflies and flowers in the Storm Springs wall clock!

Choose the Big Babol wall clock with big numbers to hang and the variant that best suits your decor!


White marble, Mud, Sand

New Arrivals

Spring 2021

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