Wall clock with big numbers Focus

Focus is a wall clock with big numbers and a minimal design clock face. Its trait is the three-dimensional effect given by the number-shaped holes and the raised figures.

Dimension: diam. 50
Material: iron


If having a wall clock with big numbers is important to you, Focus will do the trick.

Besides the wide numbers, this product boasts a peculiar effect. The more the numbers tend to be close to the edge, the more they stand out. This generates shadows and the three-dimensional feature. The last one is increased by the empty figures (two, five, eight and ten). You can’t say that this product is boring. It’s the same for the wall clock Isotta and the panel C’era una volta.

Available in two different combinations of colors, the diameter of this wall clock with big numbers is 50 cm, but the clock face covers just a small part of it.

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Mud and Ivory, Sand and White

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