Umbrella rack for entryway Gatto

The ideal umbrella rack for cat lovers. Perfect for any type of entryway. Available in two colors.

Dimension: diam. 23x55H
Material: iron

The item will be supplied with a plastic tray (diam. 22).


There is no Arti e Mestieri without cats. The Spring 2021 collection presents the Mamma Gatta wall clock and coat hanger, but not only that. This is the umbrella rack for entryway Gatto. Its design is extremely curvy, a bit like the movements of the cats themselves.

Imagining it in your home is not difficult at all, and its presence in a more professional environment cannot be excluded. Passion for felines has no limits! Furthermore, the article is made of iron like all the others, so its resistance is undisputed!

The umbrella rack for entryway Gatto is available in two varieties of colors: black and mud.


Black, Mud



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Spring 2021

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