Table lamp with flowers Ciclamino

A table lamp with flowers: natural elements frame the 40 W light bulb.

Dimension: Diam. 45x25H
Material: iron


It illuminates and makes cuter your spaces: it’s the table lamp with flowers Ciclamino from the Home Collection!

Arti e Mestieri keeps is made in Italy items’ production alive. The results are always resistant and wonderful. This specific product consists of many cyclamens gathered by wide leaves. The flowers (you can decide the color: white, red or bronze) surround the 40 W light bulb, almost in a protective way. For a relaxing and comfortable location, the table lamp with flowers Ciclamino is ideal.

Like the small lamp Orchidea and the Felce one, it will enrich the inner natural spirit of your room. Impossible not to appreciate it!

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