Table clock with curls Cloe

Table clock with interesting design, easy to read. The superficial layer’s color is the lighter. Available in three combinations of color.

Dimension: 24x25H
Material: iron


“Twentyfive centimeters of Energy” is one of the many ways to describe this table clock with curls. Cloe is a new line from Arti e Mestieri which, with this article and the photo frame, joins the party!

The design reminds of the wall clock Orfeo, but the result is completely different. Simplified but not less interesting, there is no surface in your house or your office that can’t host this product. The color combinations are three, and in every one the brightest color is the one in foreground. That way you can always know what time is.

Cloe, the table clock with curls, is both pretty and practical. Exactly what you needed!

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