Springtime wall clock Storm Springs

Perfect wall clock to give a touch of liveliness to the environment. Available in two color combinations.

Dimension: diam. 50
Material: iron


With its diameter of 50 centimeters the springtime wall clock Storm Springs arrives, ready to decorate your walls at best.

Such an article could only be part of the Spring 2021 collection. A collaboration between butterflies and flowers creates an irresistible vortex. The clock face remains simple in the center of it, perfectly legible regardless of the explosion of elements. The liveliness of the product is undeniable, which is why we find that it gives its best just when the environment is too serious. A vortex, albeit different, can also be found in the Ariel watch.

The springtime wall clock Storm Springs is available in two variations. One is in beige and ivory, the other mud and ivory.


Beige and Ivory, Mud and Ivory

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Spring 2021

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