Space themed wall clock Planetarium

The clock face of this item orbits around a celestial body in the middle of it. Available in two colors.

Dimension: 81x32H
Material: iron


Among the Arti e Mestieri’s Autumn 2020 new arrivals there is Planetarium, the space themed wall clock.
Perfect for those spots where a special touch is needed, Planetarium consists of a central circle which represents a planet. The other smaller celestial bodies orbit around it, but that’s not it.

The minimal clock face is on the right side, above one of the rings. Small but readable, it absolutely fits in the world created by this product design. A design that reminds us of the wall clock Sistema solare without sacrificing its originality. Besides, this line has a coat hanger too.

The space themed wall clock Planetarium is available in two colors (mud and black), there’s no way you don’t want it!

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