Small Wall clock made of steel Nudo

A small wall clock made of steel with a minimal and mirrored clock face. The perfect product to make your rooms look brighter. Polished and elegant design. It enriches any wall.

Dimension: diam. 60
Material: steel


Nudo is a small wall clock made of steel from the new Arti e Mestieri Classic Collection.

The minimal and elegant design reminds of the other wall clock Nudo, which is bigger. It doesn’t mean that this article will be unnoticed, though! Not staring at the mirrored clock face made of steel is just impossible. Suitable for every style and every space (especially the smallest ones: they’ll look so much roomy).

With the small console Nudo will be even cuter. Your wall are just waiting for this small wall clock made of steel, the made in Italy Arti e Mestieri product it deserves!



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