Small photo frame with curls Cloe

Small photo frame decorated with curls. It will make every surface more cheerful. Available in three colors.

Dimension: 24x25H(15x20H)
Material: iron


The small photo frame with curls Cloe is just one of the Arti e Mestieri new arrivals belonging to this line. The bigger photo frame and the table clock keep it company!

The curls are shared between the three Autumn 2020 items. Moreover each one of them can make any surface they are put on more lively and cheerful! In this case this design greatly flatter the picture (15x20H), just like the photo frame Fior di Loto does in a more elegant kind of way.

Available in three colors, the small photo frame with curls Cloe is perfect for any location!

New Arrivals

Autumn 2020


White marble, Beige, Mud

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