Small elegant design console Ballerina

A small and elegant console. It has got four legs as support, with an elegant design too.

Dimensions: 80x35px80H
Material: iron


You have a polished space, but you haven’t got that object that’s capable of complete it? Or you maybe want to give a different touch to a more simple style? Arti e Mestieri suggests the elegant design small elegant design console Ballerina.

Thanks to its size, the owners can put it where they think looks better. It may be not bulky, but when golden or silver, it will stand out from everything else. The length makes it different from the bigger version, in fact the quantity of legs stays the same.

Ballerina, the small elegant design console, represents a resource when it’s time to decorate home and office.

Arti e Mestieri

Beige, Gold, Silver, White

Autumn 2016

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