Round wall clock divided in sections Top

Stretched numbers frame a simple and elegant clock face. They are also framed by sections thanks to minimal and neat lines.

Dimension: Diam. 88
Material: iron


The round wall clock divided in sections Top has very visible traits, and we think they will be the ones to steal everyone’s heart.

Around the big clock face, which hasn’t any distracting decorations, there are all the numbers. These are stretched and fill perfectly the spaces given to them, which is defined by the geometric lines. Its design is very similiar the big dynamic wall clock Volano‘s one. That article, though, belongs to the Autumn 2019 collection.

Because everything is concentric and neat, picturing this round wall clock divided in sections hanging on the wall of an office or any professional space is natural. Top is fantastic for successful stuff!


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Black, Hazelnut

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