Romantic photo frame Mon Coeur

A heart shaped photo frame where you can put your heart shaped pictures. Available in three colors.

Dimension: 20x20H(13x13H)
Material: iron


What is the best gift for your other half? And why Mon Coeur, the romantic photo frame by Arti e Mestieri?

We will give you some reasons. Beyond being one of the Autumn 2020 new arrivals (which already is a guaranty), this is the perfect item when you want keep a memory in your heart. Phisically. How to do it without a heart shaped photo frame like this one? This is the first time a design spreads so much love (maybe only Cuore did it), thanks to the attached little hearts!

The only thing you have to do, on Valentine’s day or any other day, is putting the right picture in the romantic photo frame Mon Coeur. The rest is history!

New Arrivals
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