Refined style console Isotta

This console table has the typical traits of the Isotta line. Available in four colors.

Dimension: 110x35px80H
Material: iron


This is not the same old console for many reasons. First of all, Arti e Mestieri does not produce the same old consoles and, of course, this refined style console Isotta is not an exception.

Secondly, the curves defining the whole article are what makes it special. The Isotta line has this design, and it is also very visible in the more recent three-dimensional Wall clock from Spring 2019 collection. The product may change, but they are all connected by a common (and not invisible) thread.

The refined style console Isotta is waiting for someone to make its beauty stand out.

Arti e Mestieri

Beige, Gold, Silver, White

Autumn 2016

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