Rays of light shape Umbrella rack Sting

This umbrella rack’s opening is surrounded by ray of light’s shape elements. Available in three different colors.

Dimension: diam. 23x54H
Material: iron


Sting is a rays of light shape umbrella rack with a diameter of 23 cm.

Umbrellas have never had such a privileged and regal location, and your doorway has never had such a peculiar umbrella rack! Available in bronze, sand and ivory, this product will give your spaces a classy look in no time. It could be a sunny day, or a rainy day, it makes no difference.

Can you imagine how pulling out an umbrella from a rays of light shape umbrella rack could be? And from the Codice a Barre one? One of the best experiences provided by Arti e Mestieri.


Bronze, Ivory, Sand

New Arrivals


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