Peculiar wall clock Sharp

A clock to hang on the wall with a modern and original design. Perfect for spaces with a narrow width. Available in three variations.

Dimension: 20x88H
Material: iron


We know, the design of this peculiar wall clock catches you off guard. But isn’t it the perfect shape for that tight space you didn’t know how to embellish?

There is no way Arti e Mestieri has not thought of, and Sharp is the greatest proof of this. Its design plays with contrasts, both of colors and shapes (which seem broken). The figures are arranged so that the time is still easily readable, although at a glance it may not seem like it. In any case, the angles of the isosceles triangle in the center can help.

The peculiar wall clock Sharp is part of the Spring 2021 collection together with the Circeo desk lamp and the Mamma Gatta coat hanger.


Beige and Ivory, Black and White marble, Mud and Ivory

New Arrivals

Spring 2021

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