Peculiar modern Wall clock King

A wall clock with a particular but well-balanced structure. Its numbers are both on the frame and on the elegant clock face.

Dimension: 45x40H
Material: iron


Among the Spring 2019 new arrivals there’s the peculiar modern wall clock King.

This product has a very particular structure, but well-balanced. The numbers one, two, seven and eight are on the clock face because they’re missing from the frame. All figures are considerably bigger there.

The regal trait comes from the very elegant and minimal central part. That is really important since its name is “King”. The wall clock Sting has the same composition.

Given its restricted size, this peculiar modern wall clock is suitable even for the smallest rooms. Besides, its material makes it strong. The reliability is an Arti e Mestieri products’ feature.


Beige and White, Black and White, Mud and Ivory

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