Modern wall coat hanger Circeo

Wall hanger with elegant lines and equipped with six hooks. Modern design available in three colors.

Dimension: 80x25h
Material: iron

Wooden knobs with compass inside.


The Spring 2021 collection sees him among the main characters: the Circeo modern wall coat hanger. The entire line likes the attention with not only this article but, just to give a couple of examples, also with the floor lamp and the desk clock.

A product to hang at the doorway of your home or in the office, it has sinuous lines that suggest elegance at a glance. Careful to those who observe for too long! You will be enchanted by this simple refinement. In addition, the six hooks provide that innate practicality that is impossible to resist.

The Circeo modern wall coat hanger is available in three different colors, let yourself be conquered and raise the level!


White marble, Bronze, Mud

New Arrivals

Spring 2021

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