Modern hook rack set Albero della vita (2pcs)

Modern design hanging hook set consisting of two pieces. Resistant and suitable for any space. Available in three colors.

Dimension: 20x29H (2pcs)
Material: iron

Wooden knobs with compass inside.


Do you have a too small space on the wall for the Albero della Vita coat hanger? Don’t worry, the modern hook rack set by Arti e Mestieri will come to your rescue! In fact, each hook measures 20×29 cm and two items of clothing can be hung on it.

The set consists of two of these hooks, all decorated on the top with the silhouette of the tree of life that gives the line its name. Elegance and versatility are never lacking although there are three variants! These are in ivory, bronze and mud.

In short, the Albero della Vita modern hook rack set is the most reliable option for the smallest spaces!


Bronze, Ivory, Mud

New Arrivals

Spring 2021

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