Modern desk photo frame Circeo

Elegant and modern table photo frame, perfect for framing the most important moments. Available in 5 colors.

Dimension: 19×30 (14x23h)
Material: iron

The item is supplied with shaped transparent plexiglass.


The Circeo line dominates the Spring 2021 collection with its presence. It spares us neither from its elegant lamps, nor from this modern desk photo frame.

The design fits very well with those unquestionably beautiful photographs, almost from a cover of a magazine, but also with those memories of that important event that you would never want to forget. The Circeo line is sinuous and refined, and it’s the perfect frame for your memories. Although its shapes do more than enough, a great advantage of this article is the variety of colors to choose from.

Silver, gold, bronze, mud and white marble are the shades in which the Circeo modern desk photo frame is available. Choosing is very difficult!


White marble, Bronze, Gold, Mud, Silver

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Spring 2021

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