Modern desk mirror Circeo

Desk mirror with a modern and elegant design, available in five color variations.

Dimension: 19x30H
Material: iron


Like the clock of the same line, the Circeo modern desk mirror is the perfect item to increase the elegance of your rooms with care.

Imagining it in various environments is simple. In the most intimate ones like the bedroom or in a elegant bathroom it gives its best, but in a room where you receive guests it will make you look good. In short, as often happens with the Arti e Mestieri projects, total versatility is guaranteed. This is also demonstrated by the large amount of color variations in which it is available.

Mud, bronze, white marble or covered in gold or silver leaf: which Circeo modern desk mirror is perfect for you?


White marble, Bronze, Gold, Mud, Silver

New Arrivals

Spring 2021

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