Magazine rack with floral decorations Fior di loto

This magazine rack has a 15 cm space and empty sides: placing newspapers and magazines has never been easier.

Dimension: 44x15Px26H
Material: iron


The new Fior di loto line also includes a magazine rack with floral decorations!

This product has a 15 cm usable space. Placing many newspapers and magazines is now possible. Lotus flowers are visible in both sides: in the centre of the frontal side and in the upper edge of the background. The lateral sides are both empty. This gives the opportunity to organise magazines of all shapes.

This item has a simple structure, but very efficient and strong, just like the wall clock. Arti e Mestieri’s Classic Collection offers three different types of this magazine rack with floral decorations, depending on the color.



Ivory, Mud, Red



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