Iron mirror with curls Circeo

Mirror to hang on the wall. Perfect for any environment, especially the elegant and refined ones. Available in four variations.

Dimensions: 63×130 (55x115H)
Material: iron


When we tell you that Circeo is a line that had a big success in the Spring 2021 collection, you should believe it. This time we present an iron mirror with curls to hang on your wall. Perfect for interiors furnished with elegance and refinement, no matter the room.

The curls in the upper and lower part are undoubtedly the main feature of this line. In fact, we can find them in all products: from the photo frame to the wall clock. Obviously this article is no exception. Only this time, instead of just decorate the space, it also reflects it!

The Circeo iron mirror with curls is available in four color variations. Choose the perfect one for you!


White marble, Bronze, Gold, Silver

New Arrivals

Spring 2021

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