Iron floor mirror with curls Circeo

A floor mirror of great decorative values. It’s really practical as well. Reliable and resistant. Available in four colors.

Dimension: 80×170 (66x148H)
Material: iron


If you liked the mirror to hand on the wall Circeo, you can’t dislike this iron floor mirror with curls! This is the ideal piece of furniture for elegant and polished environments. And in any color!

Its traits are common in any Circeo product. Charming curls decorate the whole mirror. This is how your reflection will be framed once you arrange it in your home! We can promise you: there is not a prettier frame.

It may appear as a simple design, but this iron floor mirror with curls will charm you and your guests. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about it’s resistance! The trick? It’s made of iron.

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