Harmonious designed console Chippendale

Simple but refined lines, the console Chippendale fits perfectly in every possible space, even the most elegant ones.

Dimension: 100x30x80H
Material: iron


If you loved the consoles Isotta and Ballerina, there’s no doubt at all: the harmonious designed console Chippendale will immediately steal your heart.

A unique elegance is hidden in its simplicity. You just have to follow the lines that define this article to see it. They might be more regular than the Isotta ones, but don’t lose the hypnotic effect that enchants who is observing. We think that, together with the wall clock Classic, it will create an almost regal atmosphere, absolutely fitting for those rooms that always surprise the guests.

Chippendale is an harmonious designed console’s subtle refinement is its strength. Arti e Mestieri already knows that you can’t resist!


Arti e Mestieri


Gold, Silver

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