Floral composed panel Fior di Loto

This panel consists of three parts where the branches and lotus flowers spread. Available in three colors.

Dimension: 130x90H (three pieces)
Material: iron


Did you like the idea of a composition like the one in the panel Paesaggio? Arti e Mestieri decided to replicate it with one of its great lines: Fior di Loto. The floral composed panel is the result!

Some lotus flowers stick out from the surfaces, keeping their position around the engraved outline of the branches. They spread on the three parts that make the whole item. The central one has slightly bigger dimensions than the lateral ones, giving a original touch to the project. The delicate design can flatter any space: both professional and familiar.

Available in marble white, sand and mud, the floral composed panel Fior di Loto will make every wall special.

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