Fascinating classical styled wall clock Koros 90

Roman numerals, minutes count and elegant clock face. The perfect wall clock to transmit class and elegance.

Dimension: Diam. 90
Material: iron


Years may pass, but greek and roman art can’t lose its beauty. For Koros 90, the fascinating classical styled wall clock, is the exact same thing.

Roman numerals, obviously also present in the wall clock Classic, frame another series of figures: the ones that count the minutes. Around the clock face you can see “sixty” next to XII, “fifteen” next to III, “thirty” next to VI and forty-five next to IX. Its power stands not only in the design, which is undeniably suggestive, but also in the shadows on the wall. Those give even more importance to the article.

For an office that wants to give a classy and elegant idea of itself, there’s no better choice than the fascinating classical styled wall clock Koros 90.


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Black, Bronze, Mud

New Arrivals

Spring 2018

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