Fairy-tale vertical Panel C’era una volta

Trees, butterflies and flowers are the only elements you need to get a vertical fairy-tale panel: C’era una volta is proof.

Dimension: 60x5x80H
Material: iron



C’era una volta line can make you feel young again. This fairy-tale vertical panel is available in two combinations of colors. These have been chosen in order to achieve a perception of depth of the woods.

We are talking about a panel with a layer structure and set in a magical world. All Arti e Mestieri needed to create a made in Italy fairy-tale was flowers and butterflies in the foreground. This happened in the same line mirror’s frame. The effective simplicity is what makes the wall clock Farfalla Bombè, the round basket Fiorellini and this fairy-tale vertical panel really amazing.

This panel is 80 cm tall and 60 cm wide. The three-dimensional effect is given by the 5 cm thickness.

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