Elegant wall clock Circeo

Clock to hang in a modern and elegant style, with characteristic curls both above and below the clock face. Available in five variants.

Dimension: 32x70H
Material: iron


It doesn’t matter if in the form of a photo holder, a desk mirror or an elegant wall clock. The Circeo line can also be recognized from miles away thanks to its design.

Not only can we witness the reliability that distinguishes each Arti e Mestieri product, but also the typicality of Circeo. The main characters of the article are in fact the sinuous lines of the curls above and below the clock face.

Any variant, be it the one with gold leaf or the one without, contains a unique refinement. Choosing isn’t easy, but we trust your taste. Go to the room where you will hang the elegant wall clock Circeo, look around and the answer will come by itself!


Bronze and White marble, Gold and White marble, Silver and White marble, White marble and Sand, Mud and Ivory

New Arrivals

Spring 2021

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