Elegant photo frame for two photos Fior di loto Ondina

This photo frame is able to fit in the most polished spaces. It has a wave (available in three different shades) decorated with floral elements. Two pictures can be placed in it.

Dimension: 35x20H (15x20H + 20x25H)
Material: iron


If you like the floral photo frame‘s design but you have to place two pictures, there’s a solution: the elegant photo frame for two photos Fior di Loto Ondina!

Its name represents it perfectly (“ondina” means “small wave”). The slim but strong curvy base has a thin hole along its length which is aimed at the photos. The lotus flowers decorate the part where the 15×20 picture should appear. On the left there’s the place for the bigger print (20×25).

The structure is very simple, and this feature makes this elegant photo frame for two photos suitable for fancy rooms.



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