Elegant design console Ballerina

An elegant and refined console with curvy and harmonious legs. It hangs to the wall thanks to the loops on the back.

Dimension: 130x35Px80H
Material: iron


Arti e Mestieri doesn’t want to leave you with just the smaller version of Ballerina, however beautiful. This is the reason why we thought about an elegant design console that could express its whole potential.

This article is indispensable for noble spirits: it stands by itself of course, having loops on the back so that you can hang it on the wall, but that’s not its main trait. The curvy and harmonious legs are, in fact it’s very peculiar. If you want to compare it to something completely different, you can check the Exsodus Zeus console and see an example!

This elegant design console is the best connection between functionality and aesthetics.


Arti e Mestieri


Beige, White

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