Eccentric Wall clock with circular lines Ciclone

A wall clock composed by a clock face and some not concentric ovals (available in two colors). The clock face is like an eye of a storm.

Dimension: 43x51H
Material: iron


You can find an eccentric wall clock with circular lines in the new Classic Collection.

The simple and clear clock face is overwhelmed by a not concentric ovals vortex. This generates a very particular optical effect, very similar to the three-dimensional one. Essentially, that is the eye of a storm itself. Arti e Mestieri wanted to show that it’s able to deal with particular and effective manufacturing too. Confirming its versatility once again, even. From the wall clock Nudo‘s minimal style and the table Minerva‘s delicacy to Ciclone, the eccentric wall clock with circular lines par excellence.

Available in two colors: one of the two especially full of contrast.

New Arrivals



Black and White, Mud and Ivory

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