Design umbrella rack Circeo

The design umbrella rack belongs to the Circeo line. Elegant and resistant. Available in three colors.

Dimension: diam. 23x55H
Material: iron

The item will be supplied with a plastic tray (diam. 22).


The Circeo design umbrella rack is part of the Spring 2021 collection by Arti e Mestieri. The article is designed for all those who want to replace their furnishing accessories with something elegant and resistant.

It is made of iron, and that makes it a reliable umbrella rack while its size guarantees for its versatility. Any corner can be embellished with this item, and it will also get a new feature. The curls that decorate it are the extra touch of particularity that was needed. The same happens in the photo frame and in the coat hanger.

You can choose for your future design umbrella rack from three colors, all beautiful.


White marble, Bronze, Sand

New Arrivals

Spring 2021

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