Design panel Holy Family

Wall panel with a design composed of two rectangular macro-sections with a high symbolic value. Available in three colors.

Dimension: 110x70h
Material: iron


Arti e Mestieri presents the Sacra Famiglia design panel with Holy Family with the Summer 2021 collection.

This panel is part of the collection dedicated to sacred art. The rectangle is the geometric shape on which the entire structure is based. This product is peculiar because it combines two elements, the tree of life and the holy family, both with a profound spiritual and symbolic meaning. An original and contemporary complement that will enhance the environment in which it will be placed.

Composed of two macro-sections (completely in harmony), the design panel Holy Family is available in three different colors. For those looking for less definite lines, there is also an oval version of the panel.


Aluminium, white marble and mud, Beige, white marble and bronze, Bronze, white marble and sand

New Arrivals

Summer 2021

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