Decor plant for livingroom Orchidea

Decorative table plant from the Orchidea line. Design inspired by flowers and leaves. Available in four variations.

Dimension: 33x16x58h
Material: Iron


What can beautify a table in the middle of the room more than the decor plant for livingroom Orchidea? The fact that it is signed Arti e Mestieri is only an added value, a guarantee of quality.

The Orchidea line is recognizable and for the most beautiful reasons. A refined design of leaves and flowers is undoubtedly the main feature. In addition, the stem, so thin but so strong, holds the entire composition together with unique elegance. A complement that we are sure will satisfy you wherever you put it.

Like the table lamp, the decor plant for livingroom Orchidea from the Spring 2021 collection is also available in gold leaf.


Arti e Mestieri


Bronze, Gold, Sand, White

New Arrivals

Spring 2018

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