Cute wall clock with cats Mamma Gatta

A wall clock that represents a very sweet scene with a refined design. Available in three color combinations.

Dimension: 38x27h
Material: iron


There is only one thing comparable to the Mamma Gatta coat hanger: this cute wall clock with cats from the same line and in the same collection!

The clock face is slightly to the right of the center. A kitten appears slightly in relief to his left, and the small footprints decorating the clocl face probably belong to it. The silhouette of the cat mom is what holds everything together (without losing sight of its puppy, of course). This product is available in three different color combinations and all equally versatile. Even the sweetness of the scene is never sacrificed!

A cute wall clock with cats is just what is missing on your walls!


Beige and White marble, Marble white and black, Mud and Ivory



New Arrivals

Spring 2021

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