Big wall clock with three-dimensional effect Vortex

Big wall clock from the Vortex line. The vortex lets see the figures through itself and surrounds the clock face. Available in three colors.

Dimension: diam 60
Material: iron


Vortex is one of the new lines among the Autumn 2020 new arrivals. The big wall clock with three-dimensional effect is one of its representatives together with its smaller version.

Two years before the wall clock Evasion showed an aversion to two-dimensional designs, but with a totally different result (although equally interesting). The clock face, simple and clear, is in the middle of a literal vortex, and you can see the figures through it. Some of them are rotated. The dynamism is undeniable and it knows how to get attention. This makes it an essential product for those who care about flawless interiors.

Available in three colors, let this big wall clock with three-dimensional effect draw you to its vortex.

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