Big tropical plant Monstera

Floor plant (in its big version) inspired by the monstera real plant. Available in four variations of color.

Dimension: diam. 60x150h
Material: iron


You surely have already appreciated the big floor lamp, but we assure you that this big tropical plant Monstera will be noticed in its own way, even without the light bulb!

Like any other respectable product that belongs to the monstera line, the main trait is the leaves’ shape: big and extremely recognisable for anybody. Besides, Arti e Mestieri’s production represents the best made in Italy, with great attention to details and absolutely unique results.

The big tropical plant Monstera is available in the smaller version, but in 2019 some other kitchen-related products came to life (for example the plate holder).



Arti e Mestieri


Beige, Bronze, Garden green, White

New Arrivals

Spring 2018

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