Big rhomboid wall clock Rumba

Wall clock developed on two levels that contrast in orientation and color. Available in three versions.

Dimension: 52x52H
Material: iron


Among the new arrivals of Summer 2021 there is Rumba, the big rhomboid wall clock in this version, the largest, and in the small one.

Rumba is a piece of furniture with a geometric design and essential lines. Its peculiarity is the dial, with a regular shape and clearly legible Arabic numerals, which rests on a rhomboid panel, different in orientation and color. For a more uneven incline, you can take a look at Forum.

The wall of an office or any room with a minimal style is the ideal habitat for this big rhomboid wall clock, available in three color combinations like its twin.


Red and white marble, Sand and White marble, Mud and Ivory

New Arrivals

Summer 2021

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