Our history until today.

Arti & Mestieri

Since more than fourty years, the creative expression and the technical skill have a meeting and it is from their union that the Arti e Mestieri creations were born.  A linear and sophisticated process that goes with the manufacturing metal objects with essential outlins and light shapes, as a result of a research and design work exclusively made in Italy.

Beauty and functionality, the two poles that give birth to every single piece. Two elements, sometimes opposite but compatible thanks to that mix of style and technical ability that is the represents the distinguishing features of our brand.

The creative process, instead, draws from nearly unexpected places. The creativity of Massimo Tani, repository of the creative spirit that has animated Arti e Mestieri for years, nourishses itself with atmospheres and shiny details, sometimes flooring.

Together with him Francesco Adriano Pizzi, who, who has been bringing his point of view in the design of every single piece, since more than twenty years, adding a personal and refine vision to every collection.

All of it takes the shape thanks to an only material: iron. Essential but strong, iron is laser cut and mixed with colour to give back a light and contemporary mood which is stunning each time.

The origin and the realization ofa a single object are never the same, each piece arises from a different story, from the willing of telling worlds and dreams using shapes. And, must of all, from the desire to add something more to all that is useful. This is Arti e Mestieri.

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