Natural style vertical Panel Monstera

The original idea was given by monstera leaves. The result is this big vertical panel Monstera, another product which belongs to Arti e Mestieri.

Dimension: 75x180H
Material: iron


When you think something is missing in your room or in your office, this natural style vertical panel Monstera is the perfect solution.

The surface is full of three-dimensional monstera leaves. This plant inspires the whole line. For this particular product you can choose between three different colors: white is perfect for a minimal location, ivory for a relaxing and comfortable one and green is basically a direct reference to nature. In any case, a 75×180 cm natural style vertical panel is inevitable.

If you add some other item from the Monstera line, the outcome will be extremely effective. Just think about the big plant Monstera in the corner of your living room or the magazine rack next to the sofa.


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New Arrivals

Garden green, Ivory, White

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