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A preview for our Kentia at Maison&Objet, Paris

Wild, but “domestic” at the same time, Kenzie is one of the complements that characterizes the new Arti&Mestieri collection.   Like the evergreen plant belonging to the palm family, which grows on Lord Howe’s island, the Iron made Kenzia, available in three colors and in two sizes, is perfect for indoor environments. Created according to [...]

Maison&Objet: Arti&Mestieri, in Paris, in September with lots of news

Arti&Mestieri presents a new selection of products, which is the result of contemporary inspirations and trends but still in continuity with the previous collections, and with the style and design of its brand.


The Reinterpretation of a great tradition: the favor

There are such pleasant and unforgettable moments that deserve to last forever. From this simple thought rises the choice of Arti & Mestieri to take on a new challenge, with a new product, designed and created to remind an emotion, an event or simple happiness: the favor. Arti & Mestieri reinterprets, in a contemporary way, [...]

Cactus: art, design, space and color

The cactus is the line who better shows the style of Arti & Mestieri, with versatile accessories thought to fit different places in a creative way.


Arti&Mestieri will be waiting for you in Paris

Maison et Objet the international Show dedicated to home furniture accessories and design is coming back and Arti e Mestieri will be there with the new collection 2017.


Homi: Arti & Mestieri presents the new collection 2017 in Milan

After Paris it’s time for Milan and Arti & Mestieri is glad to welcoming all the design lovers in Homi.

Arti e Mestieri

Since more than fourty years, the creative expression and the technical skill have a meeting and it is from their union that the Arti e Mestieri creations were born.  A linear and sophisticated process that goes with the manufacturing metal objects with essential outlins and light shapes, as a result of a research and design work exclusively made in Italy.

Beauty and functionality, the two poles that give birth to every single piece. Two elements, sometimes opposite but compatible thanks to that mix of style and technical ability that is the represents the distinguishing features of our brand.